My Qur'an Journey

Journeying down the gardens beneath which flow
rivers of milk, rivers of whine, rivers of honey

Dear Beloved..

Your Lord has made the Qur’ān so easy for you to learn. When we learn the Qur’ān we lighten up our lives; we get elevated from a lowly earth to a higher companionship whereof we enjoy the company of angels. As the Prophet says, one who recites the Qur’ān as it was revealed is in the company of noble angels. Therefore, it is with all pleasure that we invite you to join us in this light-filled journey where striving Muslims and Muslimas get to learn the Qur’ān affordable fees with flecks of fun and ease. Join us in this journey!

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You’ll receive your full evaluation report within 24 hours outlining your areas of strength and weakness; along with a detailed study plan and the name of your instructor, class timings and other relevant information.

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A few of the feedbacks from well meaning students at MQJ. We can't wait to have you too.

  • Aish Dol
  • After close to one hour of having a class with MQJ, I realized more than enough. I also understood that I had so much power, like you and everyone else. That power is what Allah has blessed man with - the power to seek knowledge. From what the Ustadh said, I realized too that constant repetition of verses is the key to a perfect recitation. Now I want more classes and I implore you to also give MQJ a try. It's too affordable to ignore.

  • Abu Aishah
  • For years now I've always wantedd to go back to madrasah. I've always had it in my subconscious to learn the Qur'an but alas my tight schedule and procrastination had always had the best of me. However, this past week I stumbled on MQJ on one of the Islamic groups that I follow. I decided to give it a try. Alhmadulillah, after just two sessions with MQJ I believe I made the right decision bacause of the rich content and ease of learning from home. Now I am looking forward to the next session earnestly....Alhamdulillah.

  • Ummu Abdi Zhohir
  • I’ve always wanted to improve my tajwēd but I’ve been very skeptical about learning in front of an audience. This online class was just what I needed. Alhamdulillah, after the first class, I’m convinced I made the right decision..the method of teaching is simple but precise.

  • Abu Abdillah
  • I've never taken online classes seriously but my experience with MQJ was incredible. This is a class everyone would love to attend.

  • Ummu Sulaym
  • You're in need of an easy,convenient and of course reliable way, anywhere you are to learn about your deen? MQJ's got you covered with a very meager sum. The flexibility and ease is amazing, Maa Shaa Allaah. It's just a matter of you (your utmost attention and zeal to learn), your device, aided by good connectivity, a couple of stationeries, and you're all set Bi 'idhnillaah.

  • Ummu Ameerah
  • No matter your initial exposure to the Deen and level of understanding, if you have the right intention and zeal towards understanding the pristine Islam then MQJ is for you.

  • Abdullateef Saani
  • I've always thought my Tajweed was good till I enrolled, one class later and I know I've not even started. The session was not only insightful but educational. I'll be going all the way on this journey in shaa Allah.

  • Roheemah Adam
  • I was a bit hesitant to join MQJ but Alhamdulillah I decided to give it a try. The instructor is very detailed and really takes his time to correct one's mistakes. It's a very convenient program and it goes by one's pace. I highly recommend everyone to sign up for MQJ because of the flexibility of the intructor and how detailed oriented he is.

  • Ummu Salamah
  • I always look forward to my MQJ classes because I can have it anywhere. All you need is your phone which is very portable and mobile. Actually I had my first class on the move, on a public bus to be precise. All you need is just every bit of concentration.

Join us in this journey!